General Pump 0 Degree #4.5 Red Spray Nozzle

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General Pump 0 Degree #4.5 Red Spray Nozzle

Our pressure washer nozzles deliver a strong and consistent stream of water for a variety of jobs.

  • Designed to remove the toughest dirt and grime stains
  • Provides a strong and precise flow
  • Different nozzles help with a variety of jobs


General Pump 0° (Red) #4.5, 1/4” Quick Connect (Q) Spray Nozzle


• 4,000 PSI operating pressure
Made in the USA
• General Pump High Pressure Spray Tips feature a two piece design
• Inserts are through hardened and pressed into a 303 stainless steel rust-resistant body for improved durability
• The contour control nozzle chamber eliminates the need for flow straighteners
• Resistant to most chemical
• Large color coded tip protector on Q-type nozzles permits rapid identification of fan angle
• Laser marked for clarity and durability

• Tip Angle: 0° (Red)
• Nozzle Size: 4.5
• Operating Pressure: 5,000 PSI
• Connection: 1/4” QC Plug
Weight: 0.05 oz